What is hypnosis?

 Deep relaxation and laser-like concentration are characteristics of hypnosis, also known as Hypnotherapy Gilston. It's a form of mind-body treatment.

You are guided into this intensely focused and relaxed state with verbal cues, repetition, and images by a skilled and qualified hypnotist or hypnotherapist. Because of this high degree of attention and focus, you can overlook common distractions and be more receptive to ideas for making adjustments to improve your health when you're in hypnosis.

How does hypnosis work?

Hypnosis's mechanism of action is not well known. But it's generally accepted that when you're in a deep state of concentration and relaxation brought on by Life Coach Gilston, your thought process is quieted.

The part of your brain that manages your thoughts, perceptions, emotions, memories, and behaviors is accessible to you.

When your hypnotherapist gently guides you to change or replace the subconscious thoughts that are motivating your current behavior, you're more receptive to their suggestions.

Hypnosis is not some magic trick or stage show. Clinical hypnosis is a medical therapy frequently incorporated into a treatment strategy that uses conventional medical techniques.

Although your hypnotist or hypnotherapist guides hypnosis, you do it yourself. Nothing can be forced upon you against your will. You won't divulge any details you want to keep private. You maintain control over your actions. Hypnosis facilitates the experience of suggestions but does not mandate particular experiences.

Sleeping is not hypnosis. Even if your body is motionless and quiet during some deeper levels of hypnosis, you are not asleep.


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